Saturday, July 24, 2010

If I Could Only Sing a Gold Wish of Home


i wish i could wrap you around me like a sweater
sit beside you in the rain
lay beside you with no pain
i wish
i wish i could kiss you between your eye brows
walk beside you as i sing
make you feel like a king
i wish
i wish i could make you see how beautiful you are
hide away beneath the trees
kiss in the grass on our knees
i wish
i wish i could make you linger here forever and a day
sleep in cotton with no stress
know that i'll never love you less
i wish
i wish that you could see what this could be somehow
sharing thoughts and emotions together
writing our own version of forever
i wish, i wish, i do



Red, ribbons, orange and gold
pale, palest pink
safe in the warmth
inside grey and greens abounding grace
and feeding off of nothing
leave this place
waves of wonder bringing salt kissed
stones to my footsteps
follow me and like a flame
i'm leading you
risk it on the concrete
and leave it on the road
bask inside the silence which is gold
ivory and olive and intertwining grace
fiery and seductive and
a story on the way
red, ribbons, orange and fleeting
like running in gold fields again
and sitting lonesome sorry
on a rock i cannot bend
pale, palest pink
and leave the deeper hue beside
and ask the stars to gather
tell the future of the light
darker than the depths of the ocean
and brighter than the sun
further than mountains travel
and wither they go is
flashes of metal and glass
and airborne in the clouds
settle back down
and come around, around
settle back down
whispered sound
through your thoughts like gold



the irony, the epiphany that came
the subtle hushed tones
of a whispering dame
light the cornerstone
and place it where it goes
and build a home
and build a home
the imagery, the symphony of truth
the barest whisperings aloud
and portraying youth
fill the walls all around
and feel the movement sold
and claim this home
and claim this home


"If I Could Only Sing"

she never had the music quite right
sang off key in words we never knew
and i was singing like a skylark
like i could only sing...
and still the wind took the song from me
poetry, poetry, poetry
and i not a reason why, nor a rhyme
quite right
and so it goes the poems i never knew
are the patterns sewn away just for you
if i could only sing...
without the wind stealing words from me


"If I Could Only Sing a Gold Wish of Home"

If I could only sing a gold wish of home
I'd sing like the words would never fail
and the voice escaping me would paint the dingiest of grey
in golden warmth to light your way home
If I could ever sing a gold wish of home
I'd sing forever louder than the last song
and the music I would make would light this sorry roof
and the golden beams would guide you back home
I wish I could sing in golden beams of home

All By Elizabeth Azpurua 7/24/10

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