Friday, April 2, 2010

If I could reach you I...

if i could for a moment take your hand and leap into a world where our presence would not be seen as wrong, but embraced as perfection on canvas; where the days are long and full of sunlight like summer evenings without mosquitoes and where no one ever remembers the dissaster we left in our wake long ago. if i could shift time to be there near you and erase the shadows beneath your lids and clear the fears from your soul windows and take you to a place that is higher than the high you can get within that smoke. if only life were not so cruel and lives so selfish perhaps our hands could remain bound at each other's sides and brush thumbs over jean pockets and laugh each time we miss a crack we should have jumped over. i wish that all we ever did or could ever do was somehow poetic in the sight of the angels and that when you sleep they would lay gentle kisses all across your dreams; that each moment you awake feels like a new beginning and is bursting at the seems with joy. i wish we could feel happy together without this shadow hanging above our heads and fingers pointing at the messes left behind us. if i could just reach you i would tell you all these things.

By elizabeth azpurua

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