Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Bridge to Forever in the Sky


Careful, bright and starry eyed
but at dismay for the sea is between us
and I want so bad to swim
and I know that I can't swim
Youthful, foolish and elf struck
I am feeling like falling through your essence
and I need so bad to touch you
and I know that I can't reach you
Damn this distance now
and make a bridge

"Envelope Me Within This Sky"
Terrible is the need for feeling
and horrible the thought of leaving
take my soul and give it wings to fly
and envelope me within this sky
like a songbird now free, uncaged
and a soul spent singing for escape
my spirit seeking yours is speeding by
now envelope me within this sky
and never leave my side

"Seeking Forever"

Like a classical portrait
your soul is painted across mine
and if forever is what we were seeking
then none of this matters this time
but finding your face in a sea of liars
and touching fingertips once more

Elizabeth Azpurua

All by Elizabeth Azpurua

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