Monday, April 26, 2010

Fools by Windows see Cherry Blossoms

This first poem was inspired by a very wise mind - he's special indeed, and of course so is she

"Cherry Blossom Tree"

so soft and sweet yet appears
without imperfections
hide those tears
you are not beauty marred
but wisdom caressing the years
a beauty now in bloom
is for all the world to see
flourish now my cherry blossom tree
gentle and yet your roots are so strong
wind will never break you
I know I'm not wrong
you are not beauty marred
for the wind makes of you a song
a beauty in full bloom
is for all the world to see
my enchanted blooming tree
shoot towards the sunlight
and never feel diminished in this world
grow ever gentle now for me
my cherry blossom tree

This next poem came very fast, just like the first....not any editing going on, really

"I'm named the Fool"

Sought the diamond in the rough
sought the pearl in the sea
sought the treasure at the end of the rainbow for me
but I was left holding dust
and staring at the sky
why am I always watching the clouds roll by?
Look at me
I am Fool, named me
I am Fool, blamed me
I am Fool, take me
Look at me
Such a fool I am to see
Searching for something I don't need
Sought the Holy Grail
sought Atlantis in the deep
sought the key to a Secret Garden I could keep
but I was wandering far
and staring at my end
why did I search so long with all the time I spent?
Look at me
I am Fool, named me
I am Fool, blame me
I the Fool, you'll see
Look at me
Such a fool I came to be
Searching for nothing I could ever really need


The following poem is me typing very fast and letting the thoughts fall as soon as I think them
It's the type of writing I rarely share, because I usually try to post something with a "form" or "pattern" or something that makes sense....however, when letting emotions go, sometimes the best way is to let them fall as they will

brighter, sight of light on top
of the world like windows
searching you, your eyes were blue
and i am falling through windows
and someone better catch me
better catch me as i plummet
over the edge to fall away, the windows
i am windows
into a soul no one looks to see
brighter like the sunbeams on top
of the world is sky
and it's blue like your eyes and like
i am holding poems in my hands
and they tell a tale of foreign lands
i am giving you my windows
my seeking never got me far
i fell and fall and falling far
someone catch me, better catch me
there i go down
through your windows
like you're beauty in the sky
i am falling through this sky
and it's windows
all around me truth the last poem could be edited into a really great poem - but maybe some other day, or maybe I like it unedited - I'll decide later

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