Monday, April 19, 2010

For You a Kiss of Spring and a Lingering Smile

"Spring's Kiss"

Pastel color collecting on my thoughts
it's a fragile wing
on a butterfly
and quivering this gasping breath
is a flower petal
on the wind
of purple, pink and palest gold
and robin's blue
to drift away
until upon your gentle lips
and steals your breath away


"...the smile is leaving me..."

it's like trying to catch fireflies in wintertime
and singing into the wind
i'm waiting on this distance to close
and all the time i spend
is left in colors painted over this wall
if only i could gain some ground here now
and make my smile stay


"My Destruction"

I'd have called down the heavens for you
and made the fire cease inside the sun
if it would have kept you here
I would have battled the dark of hell for you
and placed lightbulbs inside the trees
if it would have helped you here
I would have drawn a map in my own blood
just to lead you back home
I would have stayed up forever to be your
one true guiding light alone
But as I contemplate my destruction
I am glad angels held me back
And guided me towards pillows white
And solitude to let it all go...
...I was never meant to fix the world
Nor could I ever help you

All by Elizabeth Azpurua on 4/19/10

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