Saturday, May 5, 2012

You Won't

I would walk through fire for you
through ice on bare feet for you
I would fight off one thousand demons for you
would you believe that'd I'd do
I would stand up and defend
I'd be your shield
I would stand and not pretend
I am right here
but no, you know, I know
you won't
oh no, I know you know
that you won't
You won't walk through the fire for me
if it meant to end your life
because you wish to spend it by her side
You won't walk the ice on bare feet for me
because it would ruin your feet you'll use
to run to her when she will choose
You will not fight even one demon for me
you don't believe in that fighting
or anything
You won't stand up or defend
So please do not pretend
You're not here
oh, oh, you know, I know
you won't
I know, I know you know
that you won't
and it hurts more than anything
to know you won't do anything
I would do it all and more for you
but I know you know you wouldn't do it too

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