Sunday, May 13, 2012

Concrete Thieves

You've wasted away
half of you is gone
your baby blues
seem wrong
The man I knew
is a shadow
a spectre
Who, who are you?
You were wild and free
running in the trees
Now steal and glass
and concrete thieves
collect your bones
off the pavement steps
Who, who are you?
I recall the ways you made me smile
my sunny summer boy
your words brought me up a while
in joy
I could always count on you to show the bright side
but now it's over
in cigarettes and steal
City lights replaced the stars
and buildings replaced your trees with cars
where are your kitty cats and garden gnomes now?
Your baby blues seem wrong and
you don't seem so strong
I guess the city ate away at you
So much for that
I guess I've said my goodbye to you

by Elizabeth Azpurua

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