Saturday, November 26, 2011


I was branded, marked and scarred
I was handed hell inside a jar
My innocence had fled beneath a moon
My blurry eyes sought you in the gloom
And you changed my whole outlook
And you changed everything I partook of
You became the reason I am healing
and then you dropped me from the ceiling to the floor

I was broken, bruised and left alone
I made of a broken house my home
My errors were plain for you to see them
But you soon helped me attain freedom
You changed my entire perception of life
You changed my whole reason to try
You became the reason I reach to the top
and it was all OK until you let me drop to the floor

But you came and you lifted me back up
I was bitter, hurt and sore, but you helped me out
I learned from you what to forgive meant
and my love became heaven sent

I am jaded, fabricated and a fool
And for you I've broken every rule
You open up these tired eyes and I see hope
You broaden my horizon with a better sense of scope
And you change the world I can see
You change it all and you create a better me
And you lift me up and you take me so high
This time you let me know you won't let me die on the floor
No, not any more


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