Saturday, November 5, 2011


Call me stupid
Call me a fool
Call me hurtful
Call me cruel
I am running and running still
but not away anymore
I am seeking a hill

Call me evil
Call me cold
Call me strange
Call me old
I am looking and looking still
but not at you
I must find that hill

Say what you will
Deny what you'll never say
Cross out my heart
I care neither way
I am born again in seeking
and seeking is for keeps
I am looking for that castle
the one that never sleeps
Lay aside all your pointed fingers
and your laughing and your tears
I never meant any harm
Searching all these years

Call me crazy
Call me sad
Call me useless
Call me mad
but don't get in my way
as I keep on keeping on
until that blissful day
when I'm home again
Home again
Just around this bend
and right over this hill


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