Friday, November 25, 2011

Falling In Love is Like War Raged by Dragons

It was caged, and barred and boarded up
and chained away
and you set it free
with your creation
and it burst into flames, vibrant and encompassing
and suddenly descending
from my home in those clouds
and like wars raged by dragons
spinning, downward like eagles
fiery and burning
in powder, ash, and the cosmic chemical that erases sense
this force inside flashes through skies of azure
delving deeper, seeping through my being
this endless, eternal flight spiralling down
like dragons coupling in the sky
the descent is fiery, like powder and ash
the remnants mark the fall of my heart
and the beginning of erasing my reason
in flames and my fall from the heavens
this fiery, burning
like a war of dragons
consumes as I near bottom
this thing called
"falling in love"
leaves me scorched
like powder and ash
and my descent becomes my grave
in this fiery ending

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