Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shiver White Moth

"Paint it White"

Burn my retinas
in a startling white
paint my horizon
and cover that light
the color that comes again
each setting night
and reminds me of a friend
so paint it white
paint it white, white, white
and burn it bright
until finally
I go blind


"Moths Corrupt"

Too many months and holes appear
the moth ate the clothes hanging here
so little holes let in the cold
let in the light
and now look old
Too many months and moths corrupt



Shiver but no cover
no lover, no guide, no guardian
no feather for a pillow filled with stones
no leg to stand upon on your own
Shiver but no shelter
no helper, no friend, never someone
no pitcher for your water to quench your thirst
no one to hold is just the worst
So you shiver and you shake
laying there wide awake
dreaming of a lover or a friend
a helper or a healer a guardian
Shiver on your own because you chose it
Funny how shivering was not your wish

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