Monday, March 11, 2013


Hold aloft the candle and just let it flicker out
you're the wind in the willows
and the spreading of my doubt
then you cradle me, tenderly
before you let me fall endlessly

Your whispering words from beguiling lips
weave stories 'round me
of truth that does not exist
Brush my hair away softly
with fingers untrustworthy

The hands inside your pockets hide the sin
of stolen love and innocence
you had always hoped to win
Your eyes are hiding sorcery
Your days are numbered over me

Just lock my doors and shut me out
inside your garden blooming in doubt
I shall sit inside these darkened days

Your woven lies and bag of tricks
discarded with blown out candle wicks
testify to the error of your ways

Silently I'll fall endlessly
from your hands of sorcery

By: Elizabeth Azpurua

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