Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Spoon

Diddle for a diddle, I said 'hey!'
A fiddle for the damned cat to play
Where did the moon go?
The cow wants to know
The dog is still laughing
and he probably knows
where that dish ran away with my spoon
Diddle for a diddle, I don't want to play
Tell the damned cat to just run away
I cannot even see the moon
nor listen to the cow moo
The dog is now barking
for he probably can tell
the dish is going to get hell
Where is my spoon?
Where is my spoon?
Hey, no diddle for a diddle
I'll break the cat's fiddle
The cow can go find her moon
The little dog is dead and the
dish will be soon
for she ran away with my spoon


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