Friday, March 8, 2013

The Ones You Never Knew

He tells me I'm good lookin'
says he reads my poems
says he loves my hair
says he loves my arms
says he wants to hold me close
expounds upon my dreams
but really he just wants inside these seams

She tells me she loves me so
says she wants to get to know me
says she needs to spend more time
says she needs her family
she doesn't want the doors to close
for all her hopeful dreams
but really she just wants cash to buy her things

She says she's got my back forever
says she'll always stand by me
says no one can take my place
says she tells me everything
says she always wants to stay close
to fulfill all of her dreams
but she never quite says all that she means

He tells me I'm his truest friend
says he loves the weird I am
says he truly gets my life
in ways only that he can
says he will always stay close
still following my dreams
but all he really wants are carnal things

She says she loves me dearly now
says she stands up for my good
says she sees the best in me
saying she's done all she could
says she likes to stay real close
she believes in my dreams
but with a knife in my back shows what she means

He says I'm ever beautiful
says I am going to be his only
says he'll never stray again
he will prove this to me
he just wants to hold me close
to end up in my dreams
but all he wants are his hands beneath these seams

So, they want to strip me bare
and own me as their own
Or take all my money now
and everything I've known
Their knives are in my back
and their voices behind me, too
Saying what they will
while they're saying that they're true
But all I really know now
is what I always knew
The ones you let in close
are often the ones you never knew

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