Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Eagles

So it goes, when you twist and break your bones
I am bent over telephone poles
and seeking sunny skies
I'm pulling wagon wheels
and you're scraping for better meals while they sit and cut your hair
There are opossums a'plenty and banjos galore
and seasons that change before you had asked for more
There are red laces in green grass and eagles to your right
with victims in their sharp beaks and freedom in their sight
So it goes, when you leap and don't land on your toes
You end up bleeding in your roles
and seeing every one's lies
You're getting sick on dandelion weeds
and using toothpicks to cut away the reeds down by this pond
There is nothing more for you here other than the tombstones
and runners leaping barriers while seeking higher thrones
There's balloons forgotten in the trees and eagles to your right
their eyes are saying you are the fool while freedom was in sight
So it goes, you come just like the new wind blows
while I have been digging a dozen holes
to say just how time flies
I was making wooden baby cribs
and singing lullabies in worn out wigs beside this forgotten place
There is nothing but the weeds and wagons, boots and dragons here
and runners singing folklore songs while grinning ear to ear
There's dandelions in my hair and a scar across my heart
while you are looking at the markings left after the part
There's blood in patches on the porch and eagles to your right
with banners blaspheming folly and mocking the freedom in your sight
Since you ran away and left it good and dead
when you never even heard a word I'd said
about broken bones and bitter words and bread


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