Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ruddy Mad Hatter

"Mad Hatter Love"

you make my heart go pitter patter
and i'm crazy like the mad hatter
got no clue what i am gonna do
but you are ticklin' my fancy, you
you go my pulse sped up and jumpin'
and my whole body is feelin' a thrummin'
and there goes the tap tap tap of my heartbeat
i hang on your every word on the edge of my seat
i think you struck me down
and i am held so bound
by your captivating glances
makin' me want to take new chances
hold me down since i might just float away
crazy and foolish i think you make me stay




Hey you with the hazel eyes
Mr. Ruddy I
wanna stay with you
I want to see you smile, stay for a while
and let me laugh with you
Hey you with the wicked eyes
Say you'll become my
reason to follow through
I wanna see your wicked grin, don't pretend
that you don't want to
Hey you with the hazel eyes
Mr. Ruddy I
need to lay by you
I wanna see the stars and feel safe from harm
hold me close to you
just stay right here


by: me

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