Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Midnight Spider

"Midnight Clarity"

Why does it seem clarity is an after midnight thing
where you're forced to face the fact
the one you want doesn't want you back,
and the one you need you just don't want?
You're dodging bullets like an elephant
and you're feeling pain you let yourself feel
by chasing things that just weren't real.
There are no midnight unicorns,
just wishes dressed as horses wearing horns



"Spider In The Rain"

Why does it seem I'm hateful and I'm wasted on you now?
You say I'm such a wrong one, tell me oh, tell me how
because I see it like this: I been begging on these knees
for some porridge or a pot of money making beans
and I need some institution that can fix my troubled mind
oh, tell me why you think I've been unkind?
Lately, I been scrambling like a spider in the rain
hurrying to save my web and stop all my pain
You think I am hateful and I am the mean one
but you are not offering me anything now, hun
So tell me I am the wrong one when I'm barely here
hanging on by a single thread caught inside of fear
I need a magic bush to grant me daily bread
and a genie bottle love, to save me from my dread
I need an institution to fix my troubled mind
but you are telling me I am never kind
I been down and I been hurt and scared
With my luck, how would you have faired?
I been scrambling like a spider in the rain
tangled, caught, and out of luck; insane


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