Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Armored Butterfly

You stumbled upon me on a leaf
I was alone; you offered relief
I, a strange caterpillar, in a world of green
Amidst all the others who seemed so mean
So we danced among flowers all day
Alive and free, you taught me to play
But it all ended so soon -
When you left, I became a cocoon
And I felt swallowed by darkness
Utterly consumed by that madness
Wondering why you left me to die
Trapped inside hell wondering why
I fought and I fell and I gave in
Deciding that the cocoon would win
When suddenly I felt such a strength
Inside my veins, through all my length
I felt alive and much stronger
I would not be captive any longer
I burst forth with wings of iron and steel
With such power inside that made me heal
Your leaving did not cause me to die
Because I became an armored butterfly


Poem by Elizabeth Azpurua
Inspired by Alex Bach

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