Monday, March 22, 2010

No One is Home

dark painted wood to cover up
the spaces you could lay
but the streets are always wrong
and the cars are in the way
too many stairs to floors unknown
and the windows always call
but I fight the carpet beneath me
and I never leap before I fall
the roads are twisted all around me
sideways they seem to run
and I never find the ending
and the search is never fun
when the willows used to guide me
now they turned into rabbits
I can't find the treasure I seek
but I don't want to break my habits
all the faces shake their heads
and they never know your name
and I keep on asking questions
but I don't wanna play this game
too many rooms with oddball numbers
the doors will never open now
and my fist might break upon them
but I need to see inside somehow
all the beds remain unmade left alone
it's all abandoned in these walls
and you're no where sleeping there
and you never hear my calls
if I search and break an entry
dogs all signal I am here
I don't want to end up the burglar
but I feel that you are near
It's all sorrow in the searching
empty homes in a neighborhood
where the folks who never look right
they never say anything good
I am turning up empty handed
there's no answers in gray halls
the doors are always locked
I am met be cruel pitfalls
the carpet is cold and barren
and the windows laugh at me
the beds are never made
and the pictures are glaring
no one is home
no one is home
I search and search but no one is home
but I hate to walk away from love
and I wish I could find your home

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