Wednesday, March 24, 2010


black midnight falls upon the air
like cotton drenched in ink
where the smells seems wrong
and you forget you can blink
got the mystery in my hands
and it's hurting
like a blade cutting flesh
from me
silver edged and blue bejeweled
takes the moment like a clock breaking
where the hands tick backwards
and you fear the screeching
know the mystery buried somewhere
but it's daunting
like you feel overwhelmed
and used
but I understand the time guarded gates
and I know that they're not golden
everything is something else down here
and to Him we are beholden
until the mysteries are solved
it's confusing
like you feel yourself fall
from high
well I want the rainbows to become portals
take me where clouds are a palace in the night
since everything I feel is drenched in sorrow
and I can only write
that the mystery is guarded
it's all fleeting
when you try to catch
the truth
black shadows become my hope
and the silver spiders carry thoughts away
well nothing here is worth a penny there
and I don't like the sunny day
where it feels a prison
you're not leaving
if you try to run
you'll drown
so the mystery remains in a cloak
like that soldier in disguise you heard of
well don't worry nothing is being solved
you don't need all that above
it's all a mystery anyway
no sharing
you should follow the sheep
to die

By Elizabeth Azpurua 2/15/10

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