Monday, March 22, 2010

The Fool


its all the same
and the same is the same is the same
and the pain is the pain; am I to blame?
I might be the blame
 but God, why oh why
do the stars refuse to shoot across my sky?
and the moment I can't breathe before I die
and then I die
 might have been you
might have been true, oh so true, so true
and I refuse to be put out there by you
I can't refuse you
 but God, why oh why
does my heart refuse to cry? take my eyes
and take my soul and let me lie here, die
leave me here to die
 where music is cruel
and where love makes of me a fool
and where I'm proud to say that I'm a fool
oh yes, it's cruel
but I'm the fool
aren't we all?
over love, all over love
 its all the same
and the same will be the same forever same
and I know I'm the fool who takes the blame
I take the blame
because I'm to blame
fool in love, in love
pained by love


by Elizabeth Azpurua


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