Friday, March 26, 2010

A Reaching Bird that Flies and Sings in the Sky Towards You

"Fingerprints in the Sky"

Caught feeling like falling but needing the ledge
and wanting my feet to fly from the edge
The moments I spent trying to reach the sky
left fingerprints on the clouds that roll by

Elizabeth Azpurua


She is reaching and climbing and dancing along and found her muse in the words to a song; she carried the feeling and planted a tree that turned into birdsnests that sang for no fee. Her hope is a masterpeice, musical lore; she tells the tale often and lets the birds soar.


"Those Eyes...."

Harbinger of mercy
Master of light
Creator of my desires
in the dark of the night
Reflection in deep pools
King of my heart
Fighting for my salvation
like it's an art
Blue eyes in the memory
Deep though they go
Brings out all the wanting
to watch my soul grow
Brighter than lightning
Vaster than the sky
My soul just keeps reaching
Towards you



I'm the bird at the back of the flock in the sky
the one thats flying alone up high
tries to catch up and the wind blows strong
keeps on going and follows along

Elizabeth Azpurua


Hope is a living, breathing, dreaming sort of thing; without constant hoping you are a dying lonesome dream. But what is your hope ever bringing to your dream but a constant ever longing for a living sort of thing?


All Written by Elizabeth Azpurua

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