Monday, March 22, 2010

Fly Catcher Boy

Livid you have made me
am I not so pretty to you?
Is there something in my countenance you fear?
Is there a reason you don't want
to sit down beside me now
and tell me pretty tales?
So you think that I must be lesser than
not greater than the others that
have graced your presence often?
What has happened to my grace and charm
that has made you shrink back and say those words?
Like I'm unemotional
or a robot
did you think it wouldn't hurt?
So stand there looking smug while I know
that all you are is a jerk with a face
carved by angels being daft
and so sit and I'll turn around and walk away and
maybe flip my hair so you'll recall what all the other's knew
I'll leave thinking I am just too much for you
and you can stand there looking like a fool
and catch flies in your mouth

 by elizabeth azpurua originally on 3/1/10

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