Monday, March 29, 2010

Why is it Always About You?


it's all bullets and shrapnel
a broken oasis in the wind
it's teatime in London
but here it feels like summer's end
it's when freedom is fading
and ghosts are singing songs
and the lullaby I used to hum
sounds fake
it's all rainbows and cupcakes
where you play by the sea
it's bedtime in Brooklyn
but for me it's all plasic trees
it's when daydreams are ending
and birds are cursing songs
and the lullabies I used to sing
sound foolish
it's war songs and battle gear
a forgotten horizon on the run
it's breakfast in Paris
but for me it's a battle just begun
it's my dreams that are fading
and the woodpecker laughs along
and that lullaby I once sang
sounds dumb


"Bringing Rain"

you left a hurricane in your wake when you rode out on false intentions
now you say you're bringing rain back, but I wanted flowers too
you stole the beauty out of the petals and painted bleak across the ground
and now you say you're bringing rain here, but I want some color too
you destroyed the lush garden in my existance and started flames up here
and now you say you're bringing rain to help, but I want livery
you caused the wind to take my hope into a whirlwind of magical escape
now you say you're bringing rain to replenish what you had once stole away
I want some flowers in many colors, livery of hope to spring up from me
don't just come bringing rain unless it's raining down for me


By elizabeth azpurua

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