Monday, March 22, 2010

Flying Solo Unperturbed


High walls and faces all around
voices crashing against my ears
and it's cold in here
Your voice so sure beside me now
and your warmth is making me calm
and your eyes draw a smile
and your freckles make me grin
I shiver a tad and you notice, you do
and your jean jacket finds its way to my arms
and I'm wrapped in your scent
and held by your warmth
and we're the only two in this room
No one will notice while lost in their world
and I won't let this stark room dismay
while I have the warmth of your unperturbed smile
and your jacket becomes my shield
keeps everything else at bay


"Flying Solo"

I want to race the world on
swift wings home
to catch the birds
and dance
within the moments that
could pass me by
I want to grab his hand
and tell him I no longer need
his wind to guide my
pathway home
for I alone will fly from here
and fly my flight alone

by Elizabeth Azpurua

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