Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Said Break Another Day

"I Said Break"

it's the time you spend in the shadows
watching shadows
making shadows
it's the light from those windows
broken windows
no more windows
i said break them
and make them
make shadows for company
i said break them
to erase them
bring shadows to comfort me
i said break them
to break them
was to erase parts of me
play with shadows
all my shadows
glass edged shadows
to break in me



"Another Day"

it's like trying to walk through quicksand
and eating acrid tree roots by the cliff side
like throwing yourself over the edge
or walled away alone, shut off and tied
it's like yanking your hair out
and screaming with no voice
sometimes living life is a nightmare
and you wonder at your choice
it's the swallowing in darkness
your soul frightened with no lights
it's the sweltering feeling of oppression
clutching your chest, your fist clenched tight
so you kick, and you fight, and you falter
and you stand up and turn around and go
and on and on is your process don't pause or
you'll fall down and you'll never know
morning will come when you wake up
God grant you another day
and the nightmares that plagued you seemed endless
but you'll feel alive your first breath once you wake
the world turns once more to bring us out of the night
and into the light
and you'll know then you're fine
we're all going to be fine...
so battle the mountains that rise up in your way
and forget the silence that is cheering you on
you will master the ability to bring out your strength
and once you know that you know you're strong
remember the night does not go on and go on
when you feel you're living a nightmare
there are more doors that you'll open just waiting on you
and no matter the hardships you bear
just know...
you're one more day away
turn the page
God grants you another day

8/19/10 By Elizabeth Azpurua
credit for "the world turns once more to bring us out of the night and into the light" to Drew Bach

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