Sunday, August 29, 2010

Say My Name

you said, Elizabeth
don't walk away
and I won't
told me you'd never leave, never ever, ever go
and I was an idiot
and thought you were true
and you chose another to love
something I would never do

They've called me baby, and darling, honey, and love
Lizzy, and Ellie, and Liz, and then hun
I've been sweetie and babe and sugar and doll
and lover and enchantress and once been called dove
But no one said it quite like you
and you never meant it, did you?

you said, Elizabeth
I'll be here within these five
and now look at you
told me you'd hold me, and save me, and be there
and here I assumed
thinking it could be true
but you've got another life
and I do not want you

So I can be baby, and darling, honey and love
Some call me Lizzy, and Ellie, Liz and hun
I will be sweetie, and babe, and sugar and doll
lover, enchantress, and maybe once again dove
And someone will say it better than you
and they will actually mean what is true

By Elizabeth Azpurua

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