Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodbye Wayfarer


Wandering like a wayfarer
I seek you out,
I search about
Whimpering inside of me
Where are you?
Traveling, I'm the wayfarer
I need you now
so I search around
Whispering hopes in me
just to find you
I become the wayfarer
Seeking you out
Still looking now
Wishing here inside of me
now with you
now with you
I found you



"No Goodbye"

Hello, goodbye
nothing inbetween?
Where are the times
and what does this mean?
Why have you gone without
a goodbye?
Why am I left asking empty air why?
Hello, farewell
no more to say
What ever happend to us
and why did it happen this way?
What made you leave giving
no farewell?
Left with this empty air feeling like hell
I ask
hello? goodbye?
no farewells and no hi's
and where have you gone?
Where did we go wrong?
Hello, goodbye
no more to say
Whatever happened to us
and what made it all this way?
What made you leave
giving no farewell?
Come back to me so we can end this right a goodbye


By Elizabeth A

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