Friday, August 27, 2010

Past Childhood Love

"Twilight Love"

Bright and yet unattainable
Chase the setting sun
and find the edge of day
Contrite and irreversible
Seek the rainbow's end
and find the edge of day
Fight this unexplainable
need for finding love
at the edge of day


"The Past"

Bear me away into the memories of
summer heat and cotton sheets
the imagery of youthful fun
and the feeling as we ran
Remind me of the happiness and
times we played together free
with the grass fresh cut and
happier were the days we
used to be apart of




Space, clouds, sailboats
and wings
Swords, tales, mirrors
and dreams
Roads, hikes, pillows
and swings
Love, lust, memories
and screams
Childhood changes

By Elizabeth Azpurua

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