Saturday, August 21, 2010

Caviar and Winter Palaces

"Caviar and Winter"

you're like breast milk and honey
good for a time
but not enough to sustain
you're like springtime
beautiful, but lacking
the wisdom of age
I guess I'm caviar and winter
sharp, bitter, and strange
exquisite to someone
with impeccable tastes


"Traversed Palaces"

plucking from the music on my soul
and the tales I've not told
the essence of juniper
and moldings in gold
tile work and frescoes
and walls aged in stone
bring them and play me my rhymes
ask for the ladies who
danced in those times
and settle for nothing but tapestries
to see
the medieval workmanship of they
who knew how things could be
Amber and scarlet
and brocades in deep folds
and sheerest, of dearest, upon me they hold
the audience magnified by the mirrors in gilt
for I traversed palaces
and forgot all of it

all by me

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