Friday, August 27, 2010

Because I'm Addicted to You I'm Weak


i let you bring me down
to watch me drown
and let me down, down
i let you jerk me around
gagged and bound
you spun me around, around
i let you pull me away
from the only thing i ever needed
i let you push me off the edge
and shattered and broken
i pleaded
why did i let you bring me down?
you watched me drown
and let me down and down
why did i let you jerk me around?
i was gagged and bound
spinning around and around
i let you take me away
from the life i'd made myself
letting you tear me apart
and i know i was better than
my broken heart
and how this felt




your presence is clinging like cancer
addicted like you're a drug
i am like following a shadow
hallucinogen and
i am fading
your essence twirling like a dancer
across my eyes bewitching
like i'm mesmerized
hallucinogen and
i am overdosing
on you
seeing lies and lies of you


Both by me

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