Saturday, August 14, 2010

Remember to Live Waiting on a Crown From Your Hands

"Seeing You Makes Me Remember To Live"

Your eyes are the color of the summer sky
painted flowers by
and by
Your eyes are the beauty of the blue sea
waves are rolling
Your eyes are a marvel made by God's grace
completing your face
your face
Your eyes are the reason I wake each morning
reminding me
of living


"Without a Crown"

Bought the flowers bought the dress
placed the ringlets in my hair
and I'm waiting on the crown you
had promised would be here
caught the butterflies inside of me
and I'm fighting not to care
you had said you would be waiting
but you're not here
I am holding hopes and dreams for you
wearing a dress of silk for you
and waiting on the promise you had made
I am waiting on your mouth to move
tell me that you wanted to
bought the flowers and the dress
wearing lapis blue for you like your eyes
I am waiting on the crown from you
you promised would be mine here
with the hope that's fading inside of me
I am trying not to cry
You said you would be ready
but you're not here
I am letting hopes and dreams fall for you
staining in tears this silk dress for you
discarding the promise you had made
I will never see your mouth move
because I know you never wanted to
I waited until the sun went down
Blurry eyed and without a crown



"Your Hands Are Waiting"

I fight off demons
fight off doom
and fight off pain
and wait on you
I fight off endings
fight off gloom
and fight the rain
and wait for you
And now I know why I am here
And why you catch me inside fear
I know your hands are waiting strong
Carry me on carry me on
You have a power in your arms
To lift my high and safe from harm
Each time I falter and fall down
You lift me up and kiss my frown
I fight off demons
Fight off doom
I fight off pain
And wait on you
I fight the endings
fight this room
so full of pain
but stand by you
You lift me up and lift me out
and you show me what life's about
You are the happy that brings the light
Always there to help me in this fight
And now I know why I am here
With you the meaning becomes clear


By Elizabeth Azpurua

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