Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pandora's Box is in Your Mouth

"I Lust After Your Mouth"

You're a genius with words I can hardly
begin to fathom
A mastermind at making me gasp
Such purety from your mouth
I'm left wanting and needing and
never wanting you to stop
The ebb and flow, build and descend
and the moment I'm left on the edge
I feel innocent and wanton
Wise and then I play the fool
I'm watching the worlds you create in words
paint pictures over my eyes
And I can only beg you for more when I ask
for you to tell me of the world
I lust after your mouth
and every phrase on the edge of your tongue
the way the images come to life
and in your mastery I learn what I truly need
it's the way life is created in my imagination
and the spaces inbetween
your words



"Pandora's Box"

was what we opened
we thought we knew
how to cope
but we don't
we felt the sickness
spread through us then
and knew we had erred
and knew we can't win
so shut the lid
but the wrong escaped already
and i can't make it better
i will never heal the scars
no, no
so shut the lid and hope to god
we can end the problems caused
but hun you'll never heal the marks
made by them
now when they tell you
just to listen
don't assume you know
you never know


Elizabeth Azpurua

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