Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lonely Heart

"Breaking Heart"

they say the wind whistles through the barren trees
on a cold winter night
but is there a way to describe the sound of a breaking heart?
the air is empty, the love becomes a swelling thing
to burst out into nothing
where no receiving hand awaits and no kiss can comfort
it is far different than wind in barren trees
it is like the sound of fire becoming ice
and choking off the fumes
of futile love



"Lonely Morning"

in the lonely morning sunrise where the sheets all seem so cold
and your emptiness is threatening to keep you in its hold
and the moment your eyes greet your room you see a sorry sight
for there is no lover by you and the room never feels bright
and don't worry your pretty head
these days will go by you
because someday with someone else
you'll awake again brand new
and until then when you wake alone inside your empty bed
just remember these days will pass and better are ahead


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