Thursday, October 11, 2012

Salt Water and Hope

Her spine outlines her frame
in stark contrast to the food on her plate
She nibbles at the food as if it will
poison her
My stomach aches in hunger
in response to the food on her plate
I salivate wishing I could taste it
for her
Her gaunt frame tells me she
doesn't trust enough to eat
My aching body confirms
the reason I need meat
but I have salt water and hope
to satisfy my hunger
and she has a wasted feast
not getting younger
I would take that entire plate
and savor every bite
Yet to her, she can pick in
disdain; it's not right
When she leaves the table
and the bounty before her is wasted
I fall to the floor
If I were even able
I'd have eaten what she never tasted
to fill my poor
body more than salt water and hope

by elizabeth azpurua

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