Thursday, October 18, 2012

On A Page

If nightmares were cobwebs I'd be wrapped up tight
and if wishes were fishes I'd be fed all night
and if mountains were molehills I'd never stumble
but I seem to be always about to crumble
into words
filling spaces
on a
If love made us stronger I'd surely be braver
and if mercy was common I'd be a Savior
and if reason was practiced I'd be one of the wise
but seems I'm a fool now in the disguise
of a poet
filling spaces
on a
If memories were coffins I'd have been buried by now
and if doubts were on fire I'd have burnt my house down
and if hope were a butterfly it'd still be a caterpillar
caught stuck waiting and growing bitter
spitting words
filling spaces
on a


1 comment:

  1. :) One thing that never changesis ur passion an raw emotion elizabeth.