Thursday, October 4, 2012


Landslides have covered the pavement
and new dawn has dawned with grief
The rains fell and washed all of us away
and where shall come our relief?
Earth shattering shaking around us
and trees have forsaken their roots
The windows have broken on this ground
and left crushed under our boots
The strong winds have torn us asunder
and the damage left in their wake
caused all the children and mothers to grieve
and cry out for heaven's sake
Oh, where do the pieces fit in the puzzle?
Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?
Who is the cause and who is the relief?
and tell me what is the depth of their grief?
The rubble is marked by what used to be
and the signs are all facing down
So grab hold of your loved ones and hold them close
and wave goodbye to your town
Landslides have covered the pavement
and the morning is harsh in the light
The floods have washed everything away
and the wind had ravished all night
Earth shattering shaking and broken
and the branches have made you a map
to lead you on to a long weary road
of which there's no turning back

by: elizabeth a.

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