Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Strange Halloween Salt

"Strange Wayfarer of Autumn"

Shave off your odd bits and break down your walls
but I can't carry the weight of your wounds anymore
and out on the foggy road strewn in autumn leaves
I'll let all the heavy burdens fall off of me
and I will walk away into the sunset knowing that
winter is coming and I am too weak
I can't hold you back
I will fasten wings for you
but they might look like those of a bat
and if someone should think you a demon
just know, I never wanted that
but I am a wayfarer and I am strange
and the woods were always my home
and after I broke down all your barriers
I still felt so very alone
I can't carry the weight of your wounds anymore
and this road is getting steep
I'll let the burdens all fall off of me
and climb this mountain peak
Winter is coming after these reds all fade
and I'm to weak and still too afraid
but I will fasten you wings I'll make
and I hope you won't scare anybody away
but I must walk on my way now
for the fog has settled on me
and this Autumn road is strange like me
but someday you'll fly back and lift me away....
...for out of your wounds I fastened those wings



"Here Comes Halloween"

Black roses and red leaves
and orange carved faces
with cobwebbed spider sleeves
and wrought iron fences
Darkness and harvest moons
with bats lining windows
Enchanting haunted tunes
and lanterns in rows
Sheets making ghosts
and painted ghoulish faces
and scarecrows on posts
and creepy haunting places
There goes a witch on by
Here comes a goblin in green
Did you hear a banshee cry?
Here comes Halloween



"Drink before the Salt"

I can't lead you to the water
and I can't make you drink
but I can feed you salt
and take you to the brink
and then when you are craving
something to quench your thirst
I will bring the rain down
so you won't think you're cursed
and drink, drink, drink, drink up darling
the water's falling
and it's time to be healed
so drink, drink, drink, drink darling
or I will bury your bones in salted earth


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