Friday, October 1, 2010

Sea Spinners

"Out to Sea"

Every time you are close to the shoreline
I fear you'll float out to sea
What's gonna keep you here in the sand
and not swimming from me?
Every night that the moon is out above
I fear you'll walk the long walk away
and you'll know nothing of love
So I'll tie you here to me like an anchor I'll be
I won't let you float out to sea


"Spinners of Gold"

October is for daydreamers and spinners of gold
It's for riot makers and crayon painters
and women loving colors bold
It's for freethinkers and leapers and lovers
and people born beneath the moon
It's for magic and mayhem and wanderers
and merrymakers playing a tune
It's for dancers aplenty beneath harvest red
a moon bathed in symbols of old
October is for candle jumpers, revelers and lights
lit by the spinners of gold

By Elizabeth Azpurua

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