Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walls of My Rome

"Wrong is in these Walls"

you are in every wrong thing in the world
a sickly snatcher of the soul
a trick in the lights and a false sign
leading to a false way home
you are a master of deceit
on your tongue is painted lies
and in your fingers are the ruins
of the fools who met demise
nasty breaker of the hearth
ruining warmth and comforts there
like an evil little ghoul
setting the world on fire here
oh, the hapless are your tools
made them play the lies you ate
and when we all turn up as fools
bathe our whole lives in hate
because we let you
yes, we let you
let the wrong inside the walls


"Downfall Of My Rome"

a needle in your side
becomes the crossbow arrow
shot right through your core
and pained though you may be
nothing compared to my loss
the hourglass is lying
I am sure
a thimble full of wishes
becomes the downfall of my Rome
somehow I let this happen
never wanting so much heartache
and this undying loss
the hourglass must be lying
or we are doomed

both by elizabeth azpurua 10/5/10

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