Saturday, October 9, 2010

You Are So Amazing You Could Wear The Universe

"Nothing Quite Like You"

music is nothing compared to your voice
but your voice is nothing like music
and silence is nothing compared to your breathing
but your breathing is something quite loud
the smell of your skin is like nothing on earth
but earth never knew how to smell
and mirrors may capture your presence in still time
but they never could quite reflect who you are


"Wear the Universe"

I think if the universe were a cloak to be worn, it would rest upon your shoulders
it would wrap you in the essence of all that is magnificent and marvelous
it would encompass you in power
knowledge, and strength
I think if the world could envelope you with pure liquid life
it would wrap you inside of the static at night
it would mold from the stars the reason for your being
and paint across your eyes in the darkest of black
the moments that would pass by you would never cease to amaze
and time would be your playground, your passion, your craze
oh, if only I could enrapture you like the mountains near your feet!
The magnitude you move about in is an earthquake never contained
I think truly, if the universe were a cloak to be worn you would wear it well
like a king in a robe of strength you would be a marvel in the essence of the night
and from your eyes would reflect all the beauty
captured in the heartbeats between time

by Elizabeth Azpurua

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