Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Elephant in the Center of the Room

Don't look ahead or behind or within
Don't look in the corners
Don't stare at it in the center of the room
It's not there

Don't feed it, don't play with it
Don't even think to try for it
Don't be foolish....
It's not standing there

And then we feed it lingerie
It becomes an intoxicated mess on the floor
We feed it suggestions, exceptions
and display it off the walls
but it's not...there at all

Don't paint it purple, or red or black
Don't try to move it aside
Don't walk beneath, just go around it
It's not there at all

Don't you dare give it a laugh
Don't give it back
Don't try to make it all make sense
Nothing is there at all

And then we feed it fishnet stockings
It flies high overhead off the walls and the bed
Living off suggestions, exceptions
glaring off the walls
but it's...not there at all, at all

So, don't look behind it, above it, beside it
Don't even think that it's there
Don't look in corners or under the rug
It's just not there

Don't feed it cookies and don't give it love
Don't wrap your arms around
and don't make it warm
It's not there at all
Standing about 13 feet tall

by elizabeth azpurua

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