Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Battle For My Sky

The flower in the meadow holds me
like dewdrops on the petals
I am bound here
is what I seek
The moment to escape on wings upward
embracing sky
and dancing through the clouds of
this world
but soon
inside this lonely meadow here
there comes a shadow and steals my sun
A stormcloud of pollution
The massacre of acid rain
and loss
How I pray the sun shall win
this battle for my sky
or else beneath this storm death
shall I meet
and end the hopes of my flight
Grasping petals here I battle
wind and rain
and through the struggle find
that somehow the sun breaks free
and the light
the savior of my wings
giving hope in rays of joy
causing the rain to cease and the thunder
to silence in the wind
and still this meadow here
in solitude
until I take wing
and escape from here

Words by: Elizabeth Azpurua
Inspired by: Alex Bach


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