Saturday, September 25, 2010


it's when you know the end is not coming
it's when glass slippers are shards cutting you open
it's when the air is making it hard to breathe
it's when your grief encompasses an ocean
it's when the moment that you wake each day
is drenched in pain each way
you move your mouth
it's when all the agony you feel inside
cannot hope to hide
and it escapes your mouth
it's when the tears no longer matter
it's when the days blend all the same
it's when your happily ever after
becomes a mockery of lame
someone tell me where is it?
where does it linger and go?
it eats away inside your ribcage
and burns straight through your soul
it's when nothing makes you whole
it's when you cannot hold upright
it's when you're sobbing out your eyes
it's when you hate the day that dawns
and it's when you realize... makes you strong

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