Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's more nonsense

poems are all nonsense when the words don't mean a thing
when my mind is full of screams
and the air is emptyness
I wanted solace to comfort me and hold me close
not this absence
take back this absence
there were spiders in the webs inside my memories
building highways across my dreams
and the acrid taste upon my tongue
was her forgetful name
such a plain Jane name
there isn't music in the corners anymore
and not a sight to see
no blue moons to wish upon
no more songs for me to sing
there are elbows in my ribs and feet kicking me once down
there is a cage with my name on it
and a solitary crown
and you say "why oh why are you sad?
why oh why are you mad?"
like the questions have answers I could give
I say "here is the end of my rope just take it back
because it broke
what use is it now?" I already fell
there were broken bits of me along the road you never
wanted to traverse across
so claim the loss
Autumn is coming with the leaves of change and I'm turning the other way
poems are nothing of love
and nothing of life
nothing of sense
and nothing of the strife that I have born
I'm all a mess now
holding onto reminders of hope
and reminders of what still can be
I'm just so tired of my words having no meanings
so tired of censoring
and lying
of hiding
tell them now
tell them loud
and shut the door
sit down alone in the middle of my floor
and write again

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