Sunday, September 5, 2010

Begin the Madness All Over Again

i remember those times i wished you were here
remember those days when it was easy
it was smiles, laughter and stories
and nothing of lust
and nothing like this love
and nothing of pain, or regret, or this wanting
nothing of this madness
i remember those times i wished i could change it
remember wanting to make your life easy
bring you smiles, laughter, and hope
and drown out the pain
bring you more than love
take away all the agony, the hurt and the longing
prevent all the madness
i remember those times where my eyes were opened
remember them seeing and nothing was easy
between the smiles, laughter, and joy
there was so much pain
and caused by too much love
couldn't escape the ache, the need, and the wishing
it became my madness
i remember those times where i had screamed in hurt
remember when nothing ever would be easy
where you stole my smiles, laughter, and life
drowned me inside pain
broke all of my love
and left only grief, regrets and the screaming
swallowed in madness
i remember those times where i felt not a thing
remember the false sense of how it was easy
i was fake smiles, false laughter and glee
silently suffering pain
broken due to this love
battling aching, the need and the hating
shadowed in madness
i remember those times where i broke free of it
remember letting go of the hate made it easy
finally we were smiles, laughter and a truce
locked away the lust
but holding onto the love
letting go of pain, regrets, and wondering
we can end the madness
i remember it all now as i pause to think
remember how i assumed it'd be easy
but my smiles, my laughter and strength
are battling silent pain
and the need for more love
holding onto this want, this regret and the hoping
i begin the madness
all over again

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