Saturday, May 21, 2011

Unforgiven Pollution Killed You

"The Pollution"

Acrid and unforgiving
it's choking
it's ending
it's spilling over the edges
gone beyond ledges
and leaped over hedges
and crept through these walls
and died


"Killed You"

I poisoned you
I opened you
with razors and ice
I wrapped you in webs and fed you to spiders
and when you screamed
I closed my eyes
I shattered you
like a vase on the table
I looked at a shard
contemplating the past and let it fall
I let it fall hard



I'm like the erupting volcanoes of Iceland
I blow, the ash settles and no planes can fly
I am like the flood waters that threaten
I wash away hopes and watch as they die
I am like the earthquakes that shake you
I often find buildings scattered and fallen
I'm like the tsunami that took away their world
I may never be loved nor be forgiven

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