Thursday, May 26, 2011

Killer Doll is Hurting Me

"Who's Fault is it For Hurting?"

You're a shotgun in the dark
that I never see coming
at me
left with holes and scars
Who's fault is this
for hurting?
So you mock me now?
And you poke my eyes out
and you leave me to die on the ground
Who's fault is it for my hurting?
So why is it blamed on me?
You're a stormcloud on my beach of hope
that lightening strike will get me
and I never see it coming
at me
So you end me in a whirl of flames
and you poke at my scorched skin
Well who's fault is it that I'm hurting?
Then why do I get blamed for it?



"Killer Doll"

Charade, with a knife, and coller
of lace, and pearls, and ribbons
Curls and lipstick and a smile on your face
you stick the knife into me
I was besotted by your beauty
I had thought you were a doll
So, you smile, Charade, in your lace and pearls
and with a knife
you kill me


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