Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I can't bear the thought, the thought, the thought of you running beyond
I can't seem to stand the fact that you may hold another in your arms
Give me a reason to hold onto you, a reason to fight a bit more
Give me a reason not to crash; I'm not sure I know what I'm fighting for
I might be fighting for a dream
I did for so long, and so long I bled
and you, you undid me
Give me a reason to hope.....
a reason to wake and to breathe each day
I've lost me reason to fight, they took my fight from me
I can't stand it any longer.......and I can barely think
Give me a sign, a gesture, a measure of time
Give me a string, a thread of hope and please, oh please...
don't leave me here to drown
I cannot bear it now...
I have lost my strength and my reasoning
and I have only this
this never ending stream of words
my tongue is bleeding the agony of my soul
and I am hopeless


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