Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kept Away From the Trees

She wakes each day
pulls herself together
Smears the happy across her skin
and puts her peices together
She goes by and smiles along
carries the tune to a song
He is elsewhere doing his work
not ever writing his wrong
He had promised, promised, promised
He had promised to be
there by her side when she needed him there
but he didn't stop her, did he?
She was driving, driving so fast
trees seemed to be a perfect end
Was he there to tell her "no"
No, he was not there to mend
So, now who stopped her from such a thing?
Who was the savior for her?
It was a ruddy boy who knew not
but what he offered her
Happiness, he offered a dream
so she held onto that
and he delivered oh, such a thing
but she could not know what she had
For she wakes each day
pulls her self upright
struggles to just wake up
and go for the light
And she goes by day after day
holding that memory
that kept her away
from the trees
from the trees
So play the song, play the tune, play it long
Play that melody to keep you strong
Happiness is but a dream away
a memory
of that October day

By Elizabeth Azpurua 5/14/11

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